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Acupuncture is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine that was declared as an official treatment method by the World Health Organization  in 1970s. This method is recommended for the treatment of over 50 diseases.

A man is an energy body. This energy is called KI or Chi and it is circulating through the human body along precisely defined paths called meridians.

This energy appears in two forms YIN and YANG that must be balanced.


The psychophysical health and the energy balance depend on the smooth flow of this vital energy and from the YIN and YANG balance.

Different external factors (cold, injuries, bacteria, viruses, negative radiation…) and internal factors (negative emotions, anger, sorrow, concern…) can influence or even stop the energy flow and lead to some diseases.


According to the acupuncture by stabbing needles into the acupuncture points, which are located on the meridians, the stopped flow of the vital energy can be set in motion again. As a result it brings the balance into the human body and health.