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Microwave Resonance Therapy (MRT)

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Microwave resonance therapy is a type of the therapy in quantum medicine based on the treatment of diseases without medications. Therefore, the MRT method  is not based on meds, but on the skills of the organism itself to remove existing disorders by getting appropriate electromagnetic waves from the external environment. The effect of the apparatus is based on the ability of the organism to selectively react on the millimetre electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency and low magnitude.


The advantages of MRT are:

  • the non-med incitement of the self –adjusting processes in overcoming diseases and healing,
  • ecologically pure medical therapy based on natural, bio-physic ways of healing,
  • non-invasive, non-contact method, which excludes the possibility of contamination such as Hepatitis B, AIDS…
  • the ability to implement MRT for preventive purposes, in the form of anti-stress programmes, as well as in periods of remission of severe chronic diseases,
  • the ability to apply MRT in the rehabilitation of specific disorders.


MRT can be applied as a monotherapy and as a part of a complex treatment.