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Quantum medicine

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During the last years people are more aware of the importance of keeping healthy.  A growing number of patients want to participate in the treatment actively, not just passively receive the prescriptions and medicines. There are fewer who are willing to take the pill lightly when getting ill. Many patients are afraid of unintended effects of chemical drugs and begin to seek useful alternatives.


The human organism is a complex cybernetic system with a highly developed energetic and informative network, integrated on multiple levels. This means that the disease does not recognize only the endangered cells, but all the cells of the entire body which is able to defend through the multiple and very complicated mechanisms of self-regulation. Quantum medicine, as a new medical discipline, is based on the knowledge of the human energy field  which regulates the disorders of the frequency, launches the immune system and launches its own, interior laboratory for the production of substances that will handle the disease.


During the last fifty years academician Sergey Pantelejmonovic Sitko, a nuclear physicist, mathematician, scientist of Honour  in Ukraine has developed a new direction in physics, physics of the living (PHYSICS of the Alive). Together with Frelih (Herbert Frehlich) he formed the concept of quantum physics of Life, which becomes a theoretical basis for a new direction in medicine, Quantum medicine.


Our body is a condensed energy form (better said: Energy entities), which, depending on many factors, was projected in a given average of space and time and as such, retained the property that each quant of this condensed energy has basic comprehensive information and holographic properties.


The creation of the disease is explained as metastable state, the mechanism where electromagnetic waves insert “information” about the disease into the electromagnetic layer of the human body. In the language of the informational technology ,it means that a virus is implemented into an existing program that causes the energy imbalance of a previous stable state, called the State of Health. The electromagnetic layer creates a very strong coherence field that prevents the impact of everyday changes to human organism. Through the methods of quantum medicine, we revise the disturbed frequency and bring the body back into a stable state of health, or bring it closer to the condition that is recognised as a basic condition.

In the disease creation there’s an information about this disease, but before that there is always the information about the healthy state of our body.