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Vegetative resonance test

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Vegetative resonance test includes a  medical examination by using a quantum diagnostic device while pressing  acupuncture points on the hand by P.Voll’s method and a nutrition advice if necessary.

Reinhold Voll (1909 – 1989) was an esteemed German physician and engineer, who developed a diagnostic method based on the Chinese acupuncture. 1959  it was called the “Voll’s method”.

Thanks to Voll an exotic Eastern medicine has got a mathematical foundation.  Not easy understandable termini were translated into the language of contemporary science. The acupuncture had been existed for thousand years.  Voll added 8 to 12 existing classic pair meridians and described the points that couldn’t be occurred logically, so he used his intuition and, of course, his brilliant mind to prove it. Thanks to him genius information became simple.


Voll’s electro acupuncture diagnostics – is a functional diagnosis of organs and physiological systems through a reading of electrical parameters from human skin.

The human skin is an organ that gives us the most information about the body, it is also the best organ for receiving and sending information. Electrical parameters have very sensitive and dynamic characteristics that respond to external and internal events and first display a brain reaction to them. Uneven skin conductivity in different points is the result of complex brain work.

This diagnostic allows us to understand how the organism works, at which level, and in which organs there are some disorders. It allows the mathematical precisely determination of the energy deficit  in certain structures of human body. Characteristic of the energy condition of the body and its parts often occur as more important than anatomical measurements in a particular organs.

For example – discus hernia and deformity of the vertebrae are the same and it is seen by X-ray diagnostic methods, but the function improves (the pain has stopped, the mobility is better…), it means the energy of certain structures is back which is impossible to see by using the radiographic methods.

The Voll’s diagnostic allows us to understand pathological connections and gives us the guidelines for the treatment.